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The Ebensee Memorial today

The barracks of the camp were destroyed soon after the liberation. Visiting the former area of the camp you can only see the former entrance gate of the camp. The victims‘ cemetery is also located in this area, at the place where one of the mass graves secretly, created by the SS shortly before the liberation of the camp was found. The gallery systems still exist and in one of the huge tunnels a bilingual exhibition (German/English) gives a detailed description of the camp’s history. The remains of a staircase (called ”Löwengang“) can also be visited.

Opening times of the exhibition in the gallery:

1st May – 15th June:
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm

16th June – 15th September:
Tuesday – Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm
(Closed on Mondays)

16th – 30th September
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm

Entrance fees

Adults: 5 Euros
Students/Groups: 4 Euros
Children: free

How to reach Ebensee Concentration Camp Memorial

Coming from Bad Ischl or Gmunden on the National Route B145 you take the exit RINDBACH and then you follow the brown coloured signs saying ”KZ-Gedenkstätte“. There is a parking space in front of the cemetery. From there you can reach the exhibition in 3 minutes.

(Don’t forget warm clothes, it is only 8°C in the gallery!)

Literature: Brochures (70 pages) of the concentration camp Ebensee are available in German and English. We also can offer you a catalogue of the exhibition in German, English, French and Italian.

Guided Tours

Guided tours through the area of the former concentration camp are offered upon prior arrangement. You will be accompanied by experts or a former Polish prisoner upon request. We ask for your understanding that guided tours for individuals are only possible in exceptional cases. During the opening hours of the exhibition an expert is at your disposal for information and guided tours through the exhibition in the tunnel.